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Monday, April 17, 2006

Sugar Hiccup's Mysterious, Beautiful Oracle

In 1995, the major label debut album of Sugar Hiccup was released under BMG Records (Pilipinas). "Oracle" was composed of 10 songs of classic music with wide ranging influences...from Indie, some would say bordering on shoegaze and dreampop, and Cocteau Twins' atmospheric 4AD sound. The band was made up of Melody Del Mundo on Vocals and Keyboards, Czandro Pollack on Guitars, Vocals and Keyboards, Russel Dacasin on Bass and Mervin Panganiban on Drums. One thing that I didn't notice when I first got this more than a decade ago was that the album was produced by Ely Buendia and Raimund Marasigan from Eraserheads.

The CD is currently out-of-print, and I'm not too sure if even tape copies are still available in the stores...but I hope they can re-issue a remastered version of this album with extra tracks and live cuts because I know that there is still a demand from new fans. The band would eventually release another album by 1998 and after that the original line-up would cease to exist. The band would come back by 2005/2006 with their new lead singer, Bea, and a new independently produced album under their own, Ballyhoo Records.

Check out and email the band in their official website
and go out and see their gigs and buy their new album, "Of Tongues and Thoughts"

Better check you neighbour's or older cousins' cd collections and you might get lucky and find a copy for yourself...check out the music from this album....

Sugar Hiccup - Oracle

(CD/BMG Records-Pilipinas/MRCD-67/1995/PH)



1) Mikaela

2) Sigh

3) Moden De

4) Heoowa

5) Little D

6) Five Years

7) Don't Leave Me

8) Love endowed Intimately

9) Death

10) Us


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