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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Scarlet Tears' Sampler and EP

"Scarlet Tears" by Scarlet Tears, this one track CDR sampler came out either late 2004 or early last year. This is a great upbeat track with big and catchy sound reminiscent of classic New Wave/Goth music like Siouxsie & the Banshees, Ardourn Delirium, All About Eve, Miranda Sex Garden or Ghost Dance with a dose of X-mal D. and Identity Crisis....

Last year also saw the release of the band's first independently released 5-song EP called "Beneath A Crescent Moon". Aside from "Scarlet Tears" and the title track, there are 3 more great songs in the EP.

The way this was produced one would definitely appreciate not just the songs but also the artwork of this Digipack and its CD sleeve...which is way better than most major releases nowadays. Check out some of the inner sleeve artwork in this picture, they are simply amazing! The Artwork by the way was done by the band's vocalist, Katrina Pallon!

As per the CD sleeve, one song called "The Chalice" was left out of the EP because of certain reasons and they would include this on their next release...hopefully this will come out soon.

Scarlet Tears - Scarlet Tears

(1 track CDR-promo/ Self- Released/2005/PH)

Scarlet Tears - Beneath A Crescent Moon

(CDEP / Self- Released / 2005/PH)


1) Scarlet Tears

2) Beneath A Crescent Moon

3) Adele Walking on a Spiral Highway

4) Hear Me Out

5) Cold Blooded Lover

Learn more about the band members and check out their current gigs and the stores that are selling their indie released EP here .

check out this song from CDR sampler...SCARLET TEARS


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