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Monday, September 18, 2006

Lovely, fluffy songs and Soft Pillow Kisses

I first heard the band Soft Pillow Kisses through a Philippine indiepop compilation CD called Mutual Admiration Society which was released back in 2001. The band's songs always reminded me of beautiful, melancholy, girl-boy indiepop music much like the classic releases from the houses of Sarah, Siesta and Summersound. They have appeared on several compilation CDs in Manila and in the U.S. but still no album was in the horizon until this year.

I always wondered these past few years when I can finally see a whole album's worth of Soft Pillow Kisses songs. Just like what wise people sometimes say that "patience is a virtue", I think my long wait might just finally pay-off because it looks like their debut album is just around the corner.

Here's a great sampler DIY video from the band...a great teaser called "Just Like The Sky" from the upcoming album of the same name. Thanks to the band's Allan Montero for making this and uploading it for everyone!

You might want to know that even though the band was not releasing any official singles or albums since their formation in late 1999, they were still sharing their songs via the internet to anyone who's interested to lend an ear. So listen to the 5 songs that they posted in their Soundclick site which were part of their sessions from 2000 in lieu of waiting for the album's release. I'm just not sure if these are the same songs that they included in their ultra limited DIY Cassette Tape EP entitled "As You Whisper In My Ear" that they only sold while on a small summer gig in Cebu on the same year.

Hopefully within this year we can finally see the full length debut album of Soft Pillow Kisses. Check out some more of the band's history and members in their Soundclick page here and see an early, rough artwork for the upcoming album and stories, lots and lots of stories in their blog. By the way, just a reminder....the upcoming album will have a very limited number of copies (last time I heard it was less than 1000 pieces)...so better be nice to the band, contact them and say HELLO! and have your copy of the CD (or make that two CDs!) reserved, this one will surely be a keeper.

Soft Pillow Kisses - 2000 Session
MP3s/2000/Online Downloads via Soundclick/PH)


I Don't Know What To Say
I Was Right
Harsh Words
Stolen Flowers
Candy Bar


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