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Saturday, April 29, 2006

The 1996 NU 107 Rock Awards CD - the first of a cool series of live music promos!!

In 1994 the very first NU 107 Rock Awards was launched in Manila. NU 107, being one of the leading alternative music stations in the country, would start an event that would become a yearly shindig for a lot of the commercial and indie bands / artists in the Manila/Cebu music scene. Although there will still be way more bands that are still classified outside the mainstream radio music that people listen to, it would still showcase upcoming bands to a wider audience. The first awards event was a small gathering of music industry people in The Music Hall in Greenhills and due to the 90's band explosion a lot of the great bands that sprung up around 1993-1995, having signed to different major labels, played their own brand of alternative music. But that small event would take off and by the 3rd year of the NU Rock Awards, they would give out freebie CDs to the music industry people, the DJs and artists....and unfortunately, only to a very few (!!!) select members of the public....

The first of this freebie CD, would commemorate the previous year's performances. It would take the cooperation of about 6 major labels to allow their artists' music to appear on this CD and this being a showcase of LIVE music became one of the best CDs that music collectors are looking for, PROMOTIONAL COPY ONLY-NOT FOR SALE, not commercially available to music fans and the buying public! If they account for all the copies that they gave out through the years, I bet most of them are in some big wig label person's drawer or music shelf gathering dust. You can probably get a digital copy of the yearly LIVE albums if you check out all the internet forums and file sharing sites, but to actually own a original freebie copy would still be way more satisfying. Unfortunately this is the one and only original copy that I have so I wouldn't know the artwork of all the CDs that were given away afterwards. If any of you have the originals of the rest of the yearly series please feel free to email me a jpeg of the covers so it can be posted here....at least we can see it...um, look but don't touch...

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Various Artists - The 1996 NU 107 Rock Awards

(CD/Promotional Copy/1996/PH)



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