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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Expand your mind with the music of Electronica Manila...yours for the taking!!

Big Beats...Downtempo...Chill Out...80s New Wave synth band influenced... Darkwave...film soundtracks...stunning instrumentals...90s House music beats... atmospheric...mind-expanding music...dance music...Dub Music...Jazzy Beats...ambient...techno...electronica...electronica....electronica...
...these are words that you don't usually associate with many Filipino artists. Well, take another look...here are 25 of the finest electronica artists in the Philippines all gathered in one great compilation and contributing their songs in a FREE, yes, you read that right, a FREE Downloadable album called Electronica Manila: One.

This album was released, or should I say unleashed to the public, via Electronica Manila's Website early this year. This album offers a wide range of music -- from the upbeat battle cry, Space Invaders meets Star Wars, of Nameless Are For Tombstone's "Watari's Machine" (you should hear the remix version of this song!) -- to Squid9 (ex-Eraserhead, Sandwich, Cambio, Raimund Marasigan's electronic alter-ego) -- to Mic Freak's "Find Out Why", music that sounds like New Order crossing paths with Depeche Mode without their respective vocalists present -- to Morse's "Put Your Foot Down" which is an upbeat drone music bordering on dreampop! -- to the late artist, Wolfmann's "Baked Mussels" -- to the jazzy beats of Brian Cua's "Grooved" and David Chen's "When The Music Stops, So Does Love" -- to 80s-inspired infectious music of Ixiz (ex-also of 80s band The Thought) -- to the downtempo music of Neon 8, to the Reggae inspired dub of Makkina, and a whole lot more.

So what is Electronica Manila? It is a collective of like minded, local artists who share their passion of creating electronic/synth based music. The website for the group itself was started by electronica artist, Silverfilter, aka Cyril Sorongon, around 2001. He started to look for other artists with the same passion for this kind of music and what started as a need to get in touch with fellow enthusiasts turned into a community of fellow artists which have grown through the years. They now have their own productions and gigs around the country, having their own stage/platform in music festivals and they are expanding their fan base and followers. Now all they want to do is share their music with you...so dig in...sample some stuff...I'm betting that you'll love a lot of the music here like I did. Best thing to do is put the tracks in your mp3 player...or if you want to put this on some CDRs, you'd probably need two discs. Learn more about the Electronica Manila and the artists
here. Right click on the titles and "Save As" to get the songs...all other tracks please visit the Electronica Manila website or Astig Records here! Track down the artists and for crying out loud send an email to say THANK YOU, you ungrateful bunch! enjoy the music and use it for your long drive for the summer...

Various Artists - Electronica Manila: One
(Online Downloadable Album / 2006 / Astig Records / PH)

1. Chox - Deal With The Heat
2. Eggboy - Everyday
Morse - Put Your Foot Down
4. Robbie Factoran - Stranger In Heaven
Neon 8 - Night Vibe
6. Bleedingbot Soundtrack - Lullaby For A Stranger
7. G.No - Bartow
8. Moonfearmoon - Solodrift
9. Object404 - Stardust
Brian Cua - Grooved
Chroma - Crystalline Shivers
David Chen - When The Music Stops, So Does The Love
13. Acid42 - Distant Promise
14. Emorej - Why
Ixiz - Overdrive
16. Spintech - It's All About The Music
Makkina - Dragonfly
18. Silverfilter - Her Goodbye
19. Flipperbaby - Confusion
Franco Madrid - The Long Wait
Wolfmann - Baked Mussels
Names Are For Tombstones - Watari's Machine
Squid9 - Submarine Dream
24. Sinistral Monk - Kem-Bot
Mic Freak - Find Out Why


At July 20, 2006 3:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Really amazing! Useful information. All the best.

At July 24, 2006 7:28 PM, Blogger Cy said...

Thanks for the support man. Found this while surfing. On behalf of the whole EM crew we really appreciate it :) - silverfilter


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