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Friday, June 02, 2006

Ultraelectromagneticpop!...the honky-toinks debut album by Eraserheads...

Voltes V, Paul McCartney, Bahay Kubo, Sharon Cuneta, UP, Hope, Canada, Sesame Street, Tamagotchi, Rico J. Puno, Nirvana, Amsterdam, balikbayan box, Zappa, bubulate Fishballs, Spoliarium, etc. etc. etc.... plus add their songs throughout the years about love, break-ups, friendship, tansan, sembrek, and whathaveyous...Eraserheads was the band with the 1,001 pop culture and everdayword references and were a great influence throughout the 90s. Their influence can still be felt up to the present music scene in the Philippines and many younger bands regard their songs with the utmost reverence and respect.

From their early beginnings in 1989 in the University of the Philippines campus, from playing in small clubs, in colleges and universities and releasing a self made indie tape called POP-U, up to their implosion and disbandment in 2002, they have made songs that are still cherished by a lot of people today...from the young, the old, the poor, rich, beautiful, ugly, tall, short, CoƱitos, punkilitos, jocks, nerds, sosi, dyologs, artista, extras, gerls and boys, inbetweeners and outsiders. This is summed up by their liner notes in the 1st album..."At sa lahat ng hiniraman, tinulungan, inutangan, hinassel, jinackson, binoljack, binulabog, niracket atbp., atin 'to!"...chopseuy music for the masses.

Commercial success began in 1993 with Eraserheads' major label debut album under BMG Records Pilipinas entitled "Ultraelectromagneticpop!". The title is a rehashing of a peborit weapon of one of our peborit 1970s giant robots, Voltes V (check out Ely Buendia's magnificent illustration of what he termed as the "Elvis" of all Japanese Robots). This album was released in 1993 and some would say that this started the next wave of band explosion in the 90s wherein the record companies began signing up a lot of bands after noticing that people have gone back to appreciating good music (again). With it's simple guitar based melodic, rock/pop, this album spawned a lot of hits and made eraserheads a household name in the country.

Ely Buendia's illustration of the "Elvis" of all 70's Japanese Robots, Voltes V !!!

The band was made up of Ely Buendia (Lead Vocals and Rhythm Guitar), Marcus Adoro (Lead guitar and Vocals), Buddy Zabala (Bass and Vocals) and Raymond Marasigan (Drums and What not). It's been several years since they disbanded and all of the ex-Eraserheads are with amazing bands and side projects nowadays. But we always come back to the band's debut which I believe, a lot of people would agree with me and regard this album as a real timeless classic.

Eraserheads - Ultraelectromagneticpop!
(CD / BMG Records (Pilipinas) / MRCD 032 / 1993 / PH)


1. Easy Ka Lang
2. Maling Akala
Pare Ko
Shake Yer Head
5. Ganjazz
6. Toyang
7. Ligaya
8. Tindahan ni Aling Nena
Honky-Poinks Granny
11. Walang Hiyang Pare Ko
12. Combo On The Run


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