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Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Dawn - Enveloped Ideas (7" and 12" singles)

You know what the most famous and much loved music format was during the decadent 80s ?? It's the mighty 12" vinyl record! Most international bands had different versions of the songs from their albums, opting to sell more units by releasing it in a 12" format. They would have Dance Mix, Long Version, Extended Version, Dub Version, Re-mix, Instrumentals, even classic Live B-Sides, Etc., Etc. Etc. I don't know any band in Manila who used this format except for The Dawn. Their first single, Enveloped Ideas, was released as a 12" record and contained different versions of their hit song.

Most singles during that time were also released as a 7" single and were given to radio stations to promote their songs. Unlike today wherein they just choose a song and they tell the radio stations to play them, before a physical 7" single was pressed and distributed making it a much sought after collectible for music enthusiasts. Here is the 7" single of Enveloped Ideas which contains an instrumental mix or "music minus one" version of the hit song.

The Dawn - Enveloped Ideas
(7" single/OctoArts International/OCTO-046-A/1987/PH)

A Side - Enveloped Ideas
B Side - Enveloped Ideas (Music Minus One Version)


The Dawn - Enveloped Ideas
(12" single/OctoArts International/ORI-EP-763/1987/PH)

A Side 1. - Enveloped Ideas (Extended Remix)
B Side 1. - Enveloped Ideas (Radio Edit)
B Side 2. - Enveloped Ideas (Dub Version)


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