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Friday, May 05, 2006

Wowowow Kalabaw!....Wowowow Surfernando! Belma and Luis or American Gurl EPs

Ok, when I saw the cover art of this EP, I wondered if there was a hidden meaning to it...A Mongol Pencil, with an Eraserhead, stuck in one's nose...mmmm....maybe...who knows...well, I don't. I just like the music! Surfernando is the new project of Marcus Adoro who is an Ex-Eraserhead ....This Limited Edition EP was actually released last year as "Belma And Luis" in the Philippines and as "American Gurl" in the US...check out the different covers! The only difference, aside from the covers, is the additional live track in the US version.

The band is made up of Marcus, Popoy, Orville and Dempz....I don't know which one's which and who plays which instrument...as there's not much info available. I hope someone can enlighten me on this and email me the info. Anyway you can email the band here.

Surfernando - Belma and Luis
(CDEP/ Room Service Records / 2005 / PH)

Surfernando - American Gurl
(CDEP / Room Service Records / 2005/PH for US Distribution)


1. Wow Kalabaw
2. American Gurl
3. Drivethru
4. Long Ride
5. Batch 88
6. Am Gurl Live (in US Version Only)


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