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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Waiting in Anticipation...for New Music...

I was just thinking of some upcoming or future releases and re-issues and recent albums and EPs and wondered about the music...will the songs sound great?...will the artwork be nice?...How will the inner sleeves look? Will the music be memorable?

Anticipation for new music is always good for a collector...it keeps you on your toes. At times, some of the releases are very hard to track down. Even if you live in Manila, when there's no distribution for the band's albums or EPs, you just have to ask around and sometimes go directly to the band and get a copy from them. Also, networking with other collectors works wonders, unless they're the secretive type and brags about having a copy but never helps other music aficionados acquire a copy, which in my book is a bit stupid. How can they help the artists sell more music if you don't tell other people where to get them, duh?!

Anyway, these are the ones that I came across through emails, gossip, eavesdropping on some birds chit chat or official and unofficial emails from all over...some were released last year but I never had a chance to hear or buy them...write some of the titles down and hunt with me soon...buying all of them in one go is next to impossible so anticipating on its release and getting a copy one at a time is the best way to go....

- Tribute album to Apo Hiking Society
- New Material/Music from Julie Plug
- Debut album from Soft Pillow Kisses
- "Imperial", 2nd album in the making from The Late Isabel
- Juan Pablo Dream's Debut album under Terno Recordings
- New album from punk legend, Betrayed
- the rumoured/almost confirmed Eraserheads Box Set from BMG
- Cambio's Sophomore release
- Half Man, Half Elf's debut EP
- 3rd album of Orange and Lemons
- Songs from Melody Del Mundo's music projects (Red Lily and solo stuff)
- Stella's Notch EP and upcoming album
- the new Dongabay album, Flipino
- the return of Spring Boutique or its reincarnation
- The Pencilcase EP..."We Are The Walrus and They Are The Eggman"
- 2nd and new EP from Pepsi Paloma Experiment (I really like the new song!)
- Childhood Dilemma's album
- The Rain's Debut Album
- Philippine Violators's 20th Anniversary Collection 1984-2004
- Sound's Sophomore release
- new songs from Caffeine
- BMG Phil.'s 2 in 1 Re-issues of 90s albums (Sugar Hiccup, Color It Red, Yano, Wolfgang, Sandwich, Razorback, Etc...)
- Sonnet LVIII's upcoming album
- Introvoy's debut album re-issue
- The Haircuts - Sorrow Is The Way To Love
- re-release of Prettier Than Pink's "Chop Suey" album
- Eric Gancio's "Ito Muna, Dito Muna" (never heard if this was ever released)
- Earthfishfish EP
- The Pin-Up Girls' new Sony-BMG album
- Pepe's Smith album, "Idiosyncracies"
- Locomotiv's Album, "Rock N' Roll Death Toll"
- the next NU 107 Rock Awards Freebie Live CD (or CDs)
- 1st Haymarket Recordings debut album compilation
- Dominion's "Paralyzia" album and "Hand Of Cain" EP

There should be more releases that i'm not aware of....if you think that there are some stuff that people should know about just leave some info on the comments or email me...and, um, start, saving some of your allowance now....


At May 13, 2006 12:43 PM, Anonymous antonette said...

i am not sure if spring boutique will change their name to the springs/springs or whatever. i don't know why they have to change the name. i hope they'd stick to spring boutique.

At May 15, 2006 3:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lokomotiv - not impessed. its an okay album i guess. maybe if i dont know or knew about Wolfgang then id probably have a different opinion. i guess bias ako kasi Wolfgang fan ako.

Red Lilly, Stella's Notch EPs, Solo EP - pretty impressive. vocals, style, & music magaling! 2 of her solo works (Blown Away & Wounded) she re-did with Stella's Notch. melody-wise hindi nag bago pero mas naging lively w/ the addition of diff. instruments.

At December 07, 2006 1:00 AM, Anonymous Dante said...


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