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Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Dawn's sophomore album, "I Stand With You"

By 1988 The Dawn released their 2nd album with a heavy heart. As the band was about to unleash their sophomore output to the masses, their charismatic guitarist, Teddy Diaz, was murdered on August 21, 1988. The band would still push through and would give us some of the most amazing songs co-written with their late, great friend... from an old favourite song, The Moon, to newer club and arena anthems, "Love Will (Set Us Free), "Mga Kuya", "I'm Not Hurting Anymore" and a great rock rendition of an old Filipino folk song, "Magtanim Ay 'Di Biro". Teddy Diaz was a rock Icon for most of us who grew up in the 80s. I still remember the October Storm concert in Araneta Coliseum back in 1987...about 15,000 or so stomping, shouting fans waiting for the band to appear on stage and later on they would be awed by the scene stealing guitarist when he stood in front of the audience and stared at them like a silent mad-man and then he took out a stringbow and started playing his guitar like a violin. He is still sorely missed and next time, when you hum one of The Dawn's old songs...think of the Dawn's first great co-founder, guitarist and writer, Teddy D.!

The Dawn - I Stand With You
(LP/OctoArts International/ORI-828/1988/PH)


Side One
1. Magtanim Ay 'Di Biro
The Moon
3. Let Me Dance
4. Wish You Were Here

Side Two
5. Love (Will Set Us Free)
6. I Stand With You
7. Mga Kuya
8. I'm Not Hurting Anymore

Here's a nice find for anyone who is interested...The Dawn (Mk.III with Francis Reyes) Live performance in a jam packed Club Dredd in Timog, August 1991...singing one of the album's best songs,
Love (Will Set Us Free).
Reminisce, remember the sweat and the beer and enjoy!


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