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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Alternative Pop Recipe from Peach Fantastic's album, "100% Natural"

As the 90's band resurgence was happening in Manila, a band based in Los Angeles was being formed. This band was called Peach Fantastic. Just like a lot of their Philippine counterparts, Peach Fantastic's music was influenced by their love for melodic pop of the 90s and late 80s new wave music. The core of the group is Joyce (Punsalan) Collantes on vocals and Benjie Collantes on drums, with original members Rose Santos on bass and Andrew Taruc on guitars completing the line up. By early 1997, they would record their original songs which were included in a compilation called LokalPinoy Vol.1 (I'm still on the lookout for a copy...so if you know someone who has an extra copy who's willing to sell it, please fire off an email to me!).

Right before the recording of their debut album, 100% Natural, their bassist and guitarist left and the band had to find replacements. By May 1999, their first (and only) album is released independently under their own label, PMI Records Ltd/Polluted Mind Independent. Unfortunately, after several live tours in California, the band called it a day and performed their farewell concert in early 2000. Email the band here and say hello and you can also check with them if they still have copies of their album!

Peach Fantastic - 100% Natural
(CD/PMI Records Ltd./1999/US)


1. 100% Natural
2. Curly Tops
3. Play For Keeps
4. Intro - jd
5. Thousand Words
Only A Friend
7. Hungry For Your Love
8. Suppression
9. Far Away
10. All People
11. Only A Dub! (hidden track)
12. Dahil Sa Iyo (hidden track)


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