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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Punk and Hardcore Rules with Betrayed's debut album!

This self titled album by Betrayed came out originally around 1985 under a label called DMZ. They say that this was the fastest selling independently released recording at that time. How many copies were produced and sold by DMZ? I haven't the slightest idea since I never saw one with this label imprint. The ones that I've seen are the cassette album re-issues released in 1986 under Tommy Tanchanco's infamous and legendary TRC label, that's Twisted Red Cross for you acronymn haters. While local releases at that time were putting their artists' images on their albums, Betrayed's debut was the complete opposite and I'm telling you, this classic tape boasts one of the coolest covers of that time, a People's Tonight Headline and ofcourse, a picture of Vivian Velez which I bet you the punk kids didn't even notice tsk tsk tsk!
This 14 track release has two different recording sessions...the "And Then" side and the "Now" side...One side was recorded by the first Betrayed line-up with Eddie Siojo doing vocal duties.....while the other side, the vocals were done by Dominic Gamboa (aka "Papadom", pre-Skavengers and Tropical Depression), although one song called "Fight! Fight!" had Buddy Trinidad singing. Even if I read their changing line up over and over again, I still get confused. Since the band's formation in 1980, Betrayed had a revolving set of members...they've changed personnel thoughout their long history but their current line up is Buddy Trinidad (vocals and rhythm guitar), Dennis Maniego (ex-Private Stock on bass), Boyet Miguel (ex-Tame The Tikbalang on lead guitars) and Manny "Pagz" Pagsuyuin (drums since 1984). Check and bookmark this site to read the real deal, the whole story, their history, straight from their drummer's "mouth".
Also check out their current recording session for an upcoming new album which should hit the streets within the year or early next year. So aside from this seminal, classic debut album, expect more new music from this legendary Pinoy band. Email the band for more infomation and updates and let's hope to hear their full songs in MySpace soon.

Betrayed - Betrayed
(Cassette Tape/ 1986/ Twisted Red Cross /

TRC-08 / PH)


1. Kids Will Unite
Caught In The Crossfire (edited sound sampler only)
3. Urban Assault
4. Hardcore Rules
5. Where has Love Gone
6. Military Rule
7. Fight! Fight!
8. Betrayed By You

Never Meant To Be This Way (edited sound sampler only)
10. When I Met You
Roots Reggae (edited sound sampler only)
12. To Jamming
13. Love Song
14. Punk Reigns


At July 24, 2006 6:08 PM, Anonymous volume-addict said...

Yo! Thanks for visiting my blog. I didn't get to see the NY Dolls performance on Conan. Yun pa man ang episode na nandun si Kevin Smith to pim Clerks 2.

Doesn't matter really since I saw David, Syl, and the other guys last year.

At July 28, 2006 11:45 PM, Blogger ourpeboritp!o!p! said...

UPDATE: additional info via email c/o Manny "Pagz" Pagsuyuin (drummer for Betrayed)
RE: Betrayed tape
Salamat nga pala sa link. I have a copy of the original DMZ release na Betrayed cassette. We decided
to release it on that label (a subsidiary of A2Z Records) dahil gusto namin independent release from the typical TRC underground release, neutral sa lahat without taking sides with anyone, hence the name DMZ.
Hanep no, independent within the underground; sub-underground kumbaga hehe...

At September 16, 2008 1:29 AM, Blogger boyet said...

Hi...ngayon ko lang nabasa ito ah! Dapat Boyet Miguel from Tame the Tikbalang (lead guitarist since 1984 din!)


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