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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Get your music fix from The Sleepyheads' debut!!

It's 2006 and this is the long awaited debut album of The Sleepyheads called "(Don’t let our) Tuneless Moaning (go to waste)". Wow, to start off this CD with a song called "Addiction" and then finding yourself getting hooked on the whole album's music is just pure poetry. Most of the 14 tracks in this disc (except for 2) only clocks in at just over 2 minutes long, some even less! Most of the songs can definitely be tagged as classic, brilliant three minute pop songs -- short, perfect, melodic, to the point, fun and snappy would-be hits!

The Sleepyheads formed around the year 2000. From a quartet to a tight-sounding trio, they have had their share of revolving personnel, but that's another story. The current members on this release is Jayvee Del Rosario (drums and vocals), Marvin Justo (guitars) and Erick Encinares (bass/organ/backing vocals). Tomas Jalina played guitars on two tracks, "Mystery Plunker" and "Monotone Melody". Having released an EP or two plus some occasional track in some compilations, they opted to go the DIY~way and independently self produced their debut album which is limited to 500 copies, as of today's date there are less than 100 CDs left (!)....so go hunt down a copy for your collection! Check their My Space Site here.

This is a video of the band playing live...the sound is a bit low so TURN IT UP...AND PLAY LOUD! Thanks to the band for posting and sharing this!
The band's main influences are Jonathan Richman and The Modern Lovers, Velvet Underground with a combination of 60s and 80s lo-fi pop sensibilities. They traded the extended solo-riffs, the wah-wah pedals and the fuzzboxes for honest to goodness, straight up rock and roll with just the right combination of snap, pop and crackle drum beats, boom-boom bass parts and strummy, jingle jangle guitar parts, brilliant monotone vocals and their occasional use of their organ (er, no pun intended!). In short, just think of their words of wisdom -- "Ethnic Faces Rock And Roll!" -- Pure underdogs of our current musical sunshine BUT definitely Purveyors of great music!

The Sleepyheads
(Don't Let Our) Tuneless Moaning (Go to Waste)
(CD / 2006 / Independently released / PH)


2. Can't Go To Church
3. Dead Poet
4. Excitement Calls
I'm Not Good Enough (Listen in MySpace)
6. Janitor Fate
7. The Man Who Wasn't There (scroll up

& watch the video)
8. Monotone Melody
9. Mystery Plucker
10. Nature (Love Is Like)
Positive For Negative (Listen in MySpace)
12. Rescued
13. Tuneless Moaning
Underdogs of Sunshine


At October 02, 2006 11:08 PM, Anonymous volume-addict said...

A short review of the album is also scribed at Giant Robot Magazine #48. Aside from that, an interview with the artist who did the album cover, Louie Cordero (he of underground comicdom's Nardong Tae fame), is also found in that very same issue. Try and pick a copy up if you can. Pinoy represent!

At October 16, 2006 10:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks sa review...ganda!
.....sakto!....it's sad to say na nauna pang na review sa america album namin...

fyi we're recording our 2nd album... diy parin...kaka-record lang namin kanina ng 4 songs...sa bulacan...w/ alex of juan pablo...
...nag aaway pa kami sa title ng album... gusto ko "BOOTLEG ENGLISH"
...mga na iwang songs.... :) "the WALL", "MY PROBLEMS ARE DEPRESSED" , "Misery Laughter" , "SubUDERDOG BITE so Amateur in size" "SEX buys MONEY" etc...mas excited kami d2 sa album na 'to... :) ...sana by december malabas na namin...

support indie bands!

erick - sleepync@gmail.com

invite ko na rin kayo... :)

Back To The Edge
OCTOBER 21, 2006 / saturday / 10:01pm

tribute to...


php 100 + BEER + CDr (for the 1st 20)/ bootleg cdr (mayrics' btte october 2005 recorded live ...healing - storm gypsies / falling - dream kitchen / golden boy - sleepyheads ...etc.


At October 29, 2006 7:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

excited ka sleepy ah! hehehe



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