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Intro of sorts, this blog is just a look at the past, present & future of the assorted music released by bands & artists in the Philippines & the numerous ones based outside the motherland...from Rock, Reggae, Alternative, Folk, Indiepop, Electronica, New Wave, Goth, Punk, etc. Well, some did ask me, why do I have to call it POP...'my music is this and that and it's anything but' you might say...well, click here for the reason. Anyway, turn up the volume!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Mmmmm, are you still there? Yes, you!...how the frack have you been? (a little Battlestar Galactica profanity there...er, blame the TV coz the show is on while I'm typing this...now, you Trekkies and Jedis and Wookies don't get mad, and I'll try to squeeze a phrase from your sci-fi show in future posts!!). Anyways, after months of lazy, uninspired, blank stares on the computer screen, contemplating, thinking of what I'll do with this blog, I decided to write some stuff here (I--am--really--trying----again!)...It becomes too much work and crazy sometimes when you're updating two or three sites, I guess, and one can alway say, i'll do this later, mmm, tomorrow maybe...then tomorrow turns to a day, several days, and then it turns to weeks, months. Well, at least its not years, right?

Well, I'll give myself a bit of a push, kick myself in the bum or something (if that is physically possible!)...maybe I'll put in one or two posts before the month ends...and we'll see where it goes from there. Some pretty interesting music coming out of the motherland nowadays...well, not that it ever disappeared...but as a music fan and collector, you just have to get your hands a wee bit dirty and dig a little deeper than what the radio, TV and CD stores want you to hear (and buy, ofcourse) in order to find some of the hidden gems...


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