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Intro of sorts, this blog is just a look at the past, present & future of the assorted music released by bands & artists in the Philippines & the numerous ones based outside the motherland...from Rock, Reggae, Alternative, Folk, Indiepop, Electronica, New Wave, Goth, Punk, etc. Well, some did ask me, why do I have to call it POP...'my music is this and that and it's anything but' you might say...well, click here for the reason. Anyway, turn up the volume!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

...back from the Twilight Zone...

Ahhh...I guess, I just have to write-off the whole of November and December 2006...(except for that itsy bitsy one about the band, On Petals, which was from the former month). Hey, even part time bloggers are allowed to be, um, lazy, busy, lazy, indifferent, er, lazy, distracted, lazy,...okey let's just stick with lazy. There were too may unfinished ideas that never materialized so my apologies for that...but since I wasn't sure if anyone was reading the entries here, then I guess it's just like saying an apology to myself for being lazy...hahaha!

I really wanted to post a lot of alternative Christmas albums last December...but, oh...December was so 'yesterday', or should I say, um, so 'last year'! Hopefully, 2007 brings in new energy and new entries here...well, I guess we'll just have to see, and do it one day at a time. It seems like there has been a great deal of new OPM releases last year that warrants attention...but I'm not really concerned with the current, latest, trendiest, famous releases...so, you should still (eventually) see postings about a lot of classic stuff...indie, unreleased, commercial, old, major, new, never heard stuff, whathaveyous in future music entries.

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  • The Songs (mp3s in RED LINKS) that have been posted here are just for sample and evaluation purposes only and will be on this site for a limited time. I am a big fan of music and of getting original copies of the artists' work -- may it be in Vinyl, CD or DIY tape or CDR demos. Through this site, I hope to promote and keep these great music alive especially for out of print EPs and albums. If the music is still available in your closest sari-sari CD store, please buy the bands' CDs, go to their gigs/concerts and promote them to your friends, classmates, co-workers, your family and to your ultra cool Lolo and Lola. Check out your neighbour's garage sale and you just might find a particular band's long lost deleted CD or LP. You can also write or email the head honchos of your peborit band's label and ask them to re-issue that out of print album. Tape any band/artists' live radio sessions and treat them as priceless treasures and most of all get in touch with the band and support them in their music projects! If you hold the copyright to one of the songs featured here and would like the file removed please let me know and it will be immediately deleted from my files.
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