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Intro of sorts, this blog is just a look at the past, present & future of the assorted music released by bands & artists in the Philippines & the numerous ones based outside the motherland...from Rock, Reggae, Alternative, Folk, Indiepop, Electronica, New Wave, Goth, Punk, etc. Well, some did ask me, why do I have to call it POP...'my music is this and that and it's anything but' you might say...well, click here for the reason. Anyway, turn up the volume!

Friday, August 25, 2006

Cover Kuber Cober Kuver CoversDayToday!!! Part 3

My apologies for the backdated postings...I had a lot on my plate these past few weeks and never had the chance to finish off on some postings. I eventually missed out on putting up the covers song on the 25th of this month...so thru the magic of blogging...I just have to back date the damn thing...so here we are...back to the previous day of the 25th...who said you can't travel back in time?...you just did...anyways, I just saw this on the net today via a posting by Jim Ayson of PhilMusic...and checking out the links from that link and er, a few more links I then I ended up in a band's page! The band is called Squeezers...unsigned, melodic and upbeat and they sound like a lot of fun...and the first song was a cover! so I might as well post this for this month's coversday song...enjoy it like I did! Hey...I'd love to get a copy of their CDR-EP!....it's out there...somewhere....

Squeezers - Iskul Bukol
(Tito, Vic And Joey Cover)
(from cyberspace....check out more songs from the


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

It's a Sweet Twee-ng with Spring Boutique!

The 4 songs in this EP mixes classic semi-jangly guitars, melodic girl vox and upbeat indiepop instrumentations (try doing your best uber cool pap-parara-pap-paps while listening!!)....the songs are reminiscent of Swedish Pop bands like Club 8, The Charade or Acid House Kings and a touch of bossa nova and 60s pop influences. This CDR-EP, entitled "It's A Sweet Thing!", was released by U.S. based Indiepop label, Shelflife Records back in 2003 and was part of Shelflife's CDR Series (all releases were limited to 100 copies only) and quickly sold out. Although this DIY CD-R was limited, I still see a lot of indiepop kids around the world via blogs or forums (from Japan, Sweden, UK, US, Germany, etc.) who has Spring Boutique songs in their set list and song recommendations. That goes to show the power of the internet...keeping songs alive even if it's been out of print for a few years.
Spring Boutique hails from Manila and Bulacan and is made up of Anthony "Antz" Agarpao on guitars, Precious Agarpao (guitars), Lorelie "Lei" Landavora on vocals (pre-Under Shooting Stars), Basil James Silva on drums and Caleb Domingo on bass. They used to be called Creamy Bicycle around 2000 but changed their name after releasing their debut album via Philippine indiepop label, Dorothy and later on via the Japanese label Quince Records. The band has been on hiatus for several years but they have recently re-emerged and have been playing some udnerground gigs in and around Metro Manila although this time with a totally different line-up with only Antz remaining from the original members. Email the band here for more info.

one of the different DIY covers
of the EP...

Spring Boutique - It's A Sweet Thing!
(CDR-EP / 2003 / Shelflife Records / CD-R Series #9 / Ltd. Ed. 100 Pcs./US)


1. I Thank You
So Twee
3. Your Lips + My Lips
Happy Song

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

...and the land of rubber shoes and dirty ice cream and debut album and Orange and Lemons and...

It was December 2003 when the very first release of independent label Terno Recordings was unveiled to the public. The initial release was "Love In The Land of Rubber Shoes and Dirty Ice Cream" and the band is called Orange and Lemons.

The band's debut album was only packaged in a simple cardboard type CD sleeve made out of recycled paper but packed with ten melodic-pop goodies. Some might have called this music as new wave, some might call it guitarpop, janglepop, neo-aco by our Hapones friends or gitarrenpop by the Alemans, songs that could have been played alongside mid 80s UK indie guitar music but the songs in the album had the undeniable OPM touch by passing through to the roads leading to the music of Rey Valera and
APO Hiking Society
while doing a long stretch via, er, Northern England as it was heavily influenced by a lot of 80s bands (i.e. The Smiths, The Housemartins, The Wild Swans etc) and some 60s music (i.e early Beatles).

Although the band has been playing gigs since around 1999, they have always been under the music collectors' radar for most of their early years. With the release of this 10 track album, the simple, wonderful melodies, great vocal harmonies and catchy lyrics and upbeat instrumentations pulled in new people into their musical pop filled world, whether the listeners are from different generations or different nationalities. This is just one of those albums that you have to play and listen to as a whole so you can get some additional practice on your head bopping, head shaking, your unstoppable finger taps, wild air guitar strums and equally fast air drumming and foot stomps.

The band is made up of Clem Castro (Lead guitars-vocals), Mcoy Fundales (Acoustic guitars-vocals), JM Del Mundo (Bass) and Ace Del Mundo (Drums). Clem and Mcoy take turns in filling-in the lead vocals of the songs...one odd and one even...better than doing jack-en-poy (um, rock, paper & scissors for you non-Pinoys...) before shows and recordings! Hopefully we'll be hearing their third album by the latter part of the year.

Check out the DIY video of "Days and Nights". this was was made by one of the band's close friend which captures some of the early gigs (and antics) of the band...this is better than any official video from this debut. Thanks to Tonet M. for making, posting and sharing this!

I also recently saw the Terno Recordings website and the shop section had a picture of the CD but with a different art work, so i'm not too sure if the label had changed it recently for their re-pressed CDs.

Orange And Lemons - Love In The Land of Rubber Shoes and Dirty Ice Cream
(CD/Dec-2003/Terno Recordings/TER001/PH)


1. A Beginning Of Something Wonderful
2. Just Like A Splendid Love Song
3. Kailangan Kita
My Butterfly
Armageddon Is Coming To Town
6. She's Leaving Home
7. When I'm With You
8. Isang Gabi
Hey, Please
10. Days And Nights (scroll up & watch the video again)

Here's an extra fruit serving...an early pre-Terno radio session...um, about a few years earlier than their debut album...when no one was listening (circa 1999 or 2000). Enjoy!

Kailangan Kita - Live Radio Session

Friday, August 11, 2006

A Fraction Of A Second with The Mongols

Here's another EP...this one came out in Mid-2003. The CDR-EP is called "A Fraction Of A Second" and was released by the band called The Mongols. After the implosion of two bands called Eraserheads and Teeth, some members of both bands decided to form The Mongols. Initially they played cover songs of both their former outfits plus the occasional Velvet Underground songs but eventually they made several original compositions and like the songs in this EP, the songs are a bit louder and hard edged melodic rock. This CDR-EP was independently produced by the band and all the CDRs had different hand-made designs of sorts...DIY and released under their own RedRum Records.

The members of the group are Jesus "Dizzy" Ventura aka Ely Buendia on vocals and guitars (ex-Eraserheads), J "Astro" Velasco aka Jerome Velasco on guitars (ex-Teeth, Daydream Cycle & Slave Drum), Bogs "d lite" Jugo on drums (also of Daydream Cycle) and Yan Yuzon on vocals and bass. Although short lived, the band made some great songs and would eventually lead up to the current band called, Pupil.

here's a video of "Keeper" which was released in their debut album, "Buddha's Pest".

Thanks to one of the co-Directors, Manie Magbanua Jr. for posting this in YouTube!

The Mongols - A Fraction Of A Second
(CDR-EP / June 2003 / Self Released-RedRum Records/PH)


Case Logic
2. No
3. Tomorrowland
5. Abstraction Of A Second

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Good vibes & intentions with Kala's RockEdition CDEP

This 5 track CD-EP was released around 2004 with the purpose of informing people about the work and projects of RockEd Philippines. This release is a combination of Funk, Soul, Rock, Acid Jazz and 70s sounding fusion...all jumbled up, fused together, blurring musical genres but at the same time presenting some pretty funky and modern, catchy songs. Kala currently released their full length debut album this year called "Manila High" but not too many people know that they were playing their cosmic grooves for several years now.

The band members are JP Tanchanco aka "Funkfly" on guitar, Raymond Daylo aka "D'lo" on drums, William Gabaldon aka "Gabal" on bass, Mike Grape aka "Grape" on vocals and harmonica and Brian Tanchanco on keys,synth,back-up vox. Their influences ranges from a lot of artists from the 60s to the 90s...from Led Zeppelin, James Brown, Warren G, Earth,Wind & Fire, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Phoenix, Jamiroquai, etc. etc. Please visit the band's website
here and if you want to get more info on RockEdPhilippines and their projects please click here.

Also note the the tracks on the latest album are slightly different versions than the initial recordings on this EP.

Kala - RockEdition
(CDEP/2004/DIY Release-RockEd Phil./PH)


1. Pulis Pangkalawakan
2. Piso Pisong Paraiso
5. Bakbakan Na

Monday, August 07, 2006

...Tale of Two...A Tale of Identity Crisis' debut...

The year was 1988 and fresh from live performances, underground club gigs and Beer sponsored major concerts in Manila, comes an upcoming black-clad band called Identity Crisis. Aside from performing great live versions of their favourite new wave songs, from Siouxsie's "Cities In Dust", "Israel" or "Happy House", to X-Mal D.'s "Matador", to "Two Rivers", "Suffer The Children", "China", "Ink and Paper", "Duel", etc.etc.etc. the band was more popular for creating some classic originals like "Imagining Oktober", "Requiem", "Sumigaw, Umawit Ka" and the ultra cool "My Sanctuary".
um, did i say black clad? well, I meant most of the time....

In that same year, the band took their goth/4AD-influenced fashion sense and their new wave, darkwave and rock influences into the studio to hammer out their debut album called "...Tale Of Two" under Dyna Records. When the album came out, this was one of the best packaged vinyl LPs that I've ever seen in Manila. Jet black with silver logos, goth themed and look, complete with inner sleeves and lyrics, picture vinyl labels and all the goodies you'll find in foreign pressed LPs, they actually set a high bar for other record companies to hopefully imitate with this release. Unfortunately no other vinyl LP would come out with so much eye candy after this one. My only complaint is the different sequence of the tracks from the LP cover and the actual vinyl...

The vocal duties on the album were shared by the band's two lead vocalists, DWXB Radio DJ 'Cool Carla'* and 'Buddy Boy'*...who both provided exceptional range on their respective songs while also providing additional melodies and back-up vox. Lenie* provided the delicate noise from her synthesizers and piano. Both Cool Carla and Lenie would eventually form the band/s Mariya and then Mariya's Mistress after a few years. The pounding drums and percussion was done by Marvin* while Resty* contributes the ethereal soundscapes of his electric and acoustic guitars and Bogs* completes the band with his thumping bass guitar licks. This debut album was a solid release, full of great singles and album tracks...although I'm just wondering why the song "One Day" was never included here, Im not too sure if that song was ever released officially. Any info on this song would be greatly appreciated.

*the band members were always known by their nicknames only (they never printed their last names on their albums) so even though I managed to get all their full names, i'll just respect their wishes to keep their God-given names off the blog.

The band was supposed to play a reunion of sorts with The Late Isabel backing them up....this was about a year or so ago but nothing materialized. This was due to the former band members' busy personal schedules as their other alter egos (identity crisis?) as Chef, Flight Officer, Architect, etc, etc got in the way of comeback performance...hopefully, one day they can grace us again with more of their original and powerful songs as Identity Crisis. Mmmm, when that happens please make a bootleg copy for me. For sure Dyna Records is contemplating on re-releasing this album...I hope they add extra tracks, outtakes and some goodies...um, anybody out there who knows someone from Dyna??? Maybe a bigwig, big cheese in the company?...go tell them...sell the idea of a great packaged re-issue complete with extra goodies...

Identity Crisis - ...Tale of Two
(LP/Tape/1988/Dyna Records/DYP-86-10/PH)


Side 1
Imagining Oktober
2. Whispering Castles
3. Blank Pages
Sumigaw Umawit Ka

Side 2
5. My Sanctuary
6. When The Son Will Shine
7. Requiem
8. Anthem

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Shifting music with Cambio's Excerpt EP

Cambio's debut CDR-EP was released in mid 2003. This was called Excerpt, basically a sneak peek into their music and their 2004 major label debut album under Universal Records. Eventually, this 7 track DIY output was remastered and re-released again in the latter part of 2003 under Vin Dancel's record label, Guilty Pleasure Records. This time around new artwork and factory pressed CDs were made. You can say that the band is composed of a who's who, a smorgasbord-of-sorts, of Manila's Indie-Alternative community, starting with Raimund Marasigan and Buddy Zabala (both former Eraserheads/Eheads, aside from producing the EP, they also played drums and bass, respectively), Kris Gorra-Dancel (from Fatal Posporos/Eheads doing lead vocals and guitars), Ebe Dancel (Sugarfree on vocals/guitars) and Diego Mapa (Monsterbot/Pre-Pedicab on lead vocals and guitars).

5 of the 7 songs here would make it to the debut album, although the track "Witchbaby" will be renamed as "Which Baby". There's also 2 versions of the song "DV" which were both exclusively remixed/rehashed/reworked by Electronica Manila artists, Morse and the late-Wolfmann. The song "DV", um, this is one of those songs that will just stick like sweet bubblegum to your mind when you first hear it. Not since Juan Dela Cruz sent us around the Projects of Quezon City or when Hotdog made us miss and long for the nooks and crannies of Manila, that a song comes along and takes us on a whirlwind tour of places that have been part of most people's lives in and around the Manila area. I've probably visited all those places in the song one time or another whether stuck in traffic, out shopping, sabit sa jeepney, missed a turn, got lost, etc. Definitely a classic and essential track. Having three enjoyable versions of "DV" is definitely the icing on the cake on owning this CDEP. Anyway, get more info about Cambio's upcoming gigs and releases by visiting this site.

here's another "slightly" longer video version of "DV"...thanks to Badburn for posting this...

The initial CDR release...thanks to Andrew R. for the EP scan...

the official re-released CDEP

Cambio - Excerpt EP
(CDR-EP/Jun-2003/Self Released/PH)
(CDEP/Oct-2003/Guilty Pleasure Records/PH)


1. Autopilot
2. Patlang
3. DV (scroll up and watch the video)
4. Lihim
5. Witchbaby
DV - Wolfmann Remix
7. DV - Morse Remix

Location: Mississauga - Toronto - Manila, Philippines-Canada, Canada
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