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Intro of sorts, this blog is just a look at the past, present & future of the assorted music released by bands & artists in the Philippines & the numerous ones based outside the motherland...from Rock, Reggae, Alternative, Folk, Indiepop, Electronica, New Wave, Goth, Punk, etc. Well, some did ask me, why do I have to call it POP...'my music is this and that and it's anything but' you might say...well, click here for the reason. Anyway, turn up the volume!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Cover Cober Cover Kober KubersDayToday!!! Part 2

Well, like I said about a month ago...I am tracking down some covers made by Pinoy bands...whether they covered a Pinoy song or an English song by a local artist or even an English song by a foreign artist and I'll post it here on the 25th of each month (yes, including Christmas Day!)....so anything goes...as long as the artist(s) is/are Filipino. Maybe you've got some gems in your music collection...feel free to share them with us...especially the bands, maybe you have some outtakes and covers that you'd like us to hear...just send me an email, a jpeg, a music file and we'll post them here....I was actually looking for obscure music, demos, heck even pictures/scans of your pinoyrock concert ticket stubs and posters from the 70s, 80s and 90s. Please get them from their old boxes, wipe the dust off and send them in! Please check also for Radio Sessions...! This is a call to ,Ermm,....Music!! More music!!

Anyways, back to our KubersDayToday!...here's a special treat for you, guys...this is Mutiny in Manila...(before they joined forces with the guys of Anno Domini to become MUTINY)...doing a classic Rock cover of Led Zeppelin's "Rock And Roll"...enjoy and please...PLAY LOUD!

Mutiny In Manila - Rock And Roll
(Led Zeppelin cover)

(unreleased live bootleg - November 30, 1991)


Monday, July 24, 2006

The punk band called College

Okey i'll be honest with you, I don't have the slightest idea on the history of this punk band called College. My limited knowledge of them is that this was Arnold Morales' first band right before they formed The Urban Bandits. I've only heard one of their song, "Manila Girl", which eventually became a hit via Morales' other band in the 1990s called Put3Ska. An old magazine article by Didits Gonzales names the band members of College as Arnold Morales, Enggol, Ric and his brother...which is not much help...unless all four are online and can shed some insight on their old punk band. If anyone knows...feel free to tell us some stories via the comments page. Anyway, here's the picture of the band and their great song...I'm also wondering where this song came from and if they ever had any more original songs...was it from a compilation album or was it a DIY release? I can only guess...um, we might as well guess who plays which instrument.

College - Manila Girl


Sunday, July 23, 2006

Punk and Hardcore Rules with Betrayed's debut album!

This self titled album by Betrayed came out originally around 1985 under a label called DMZ. They say that this was the fastest selling independently released recording at that time. How many copies were produced and sold by DMZ? I haven't the slightest idea since I never saw one with this label imprint. The ones that I've seen are the cassette album re-issues released in 1986 under Tommy Tanchanco's infamous and legendary TRC label, that's Twisted Red Cross for you acronymn haters. While local releases at that time were putting their artists' images on their albums, Betrayed's debut was the complete opposite and I'm telling you, this classic tape boasts one of the coolest covers of that time, a People's Tonight Headline and ofcourse, a picture of Vivian Velez which I bet you the punk kids didn't even notice tsk tsk tsk!
This 14 track release has two different recording sessions...the "And Then" side and the "Now" side...One side was recorded by the first Betrayed line-up with Eddie Siojo doing vocal duties.....while the other side, the vocals were done by Dominic Gamboa (aka "Papadom", pre-Skavengers and Tropical Depression), although one song called "Fight! Fight!" had Buddy Trinidad singing. Even if I read their changing line up over and over again, I still get confused. Since the band's formation in 1980, Betrayed had a revolving set of members...they've changed personnel thoughout their long history but their current line up is Buddy Trinidad (vocals and rhythm guitar), Dennis Maniego (ex-Private Stock on bass), Boyet Miguel (ex-Tame The Tikbalang on lead guitars) and Manny "Pagz" Pagsuyuin (drums since 1984). Check and bookmark this site to read the real deal, the whole story, their history, straight from their drummer's "mouth".
Also check out their current recording session for an upcoming new album which should hit the streets within the year or early next year. So aside from this seminal, classic debut album, expect more new music from this legendary Pinoy band. Email the band for more infomation and updates and let's hope to hear their full songs in MySpace soon.

Betrayed - Betrayed
(Cassette Tape/ 1986/ Twisted Red Cross /

TRC-08 / PH)


1. Kids Will Unite
Caught In The Crossfire (edited sound sampler only)
3. Urban Assault
4. Hardcore Rules
5. Where has Love Gone
6. Military Rule
7. Fight! Fight!
8. Betrayed By You

Never Meant To Be This Way (edited sound sampler only)
10. When I Met You
Roots Reggae (edited sound sampler only)
12. To Jamming
13. Love Song
14. Punk Reigns

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Fresh new music from this 8 Track Cartridge

Ahhh, the wonderful world of 8 Track. What??? You've never heard or seen an actual 8 track cartridge?? I guess most passenger jeepneys nowadays have CD players instead of the old worn out 8 track players playing M.O.R. music and Classic Rock ballads, with all the cartridges stacked up like mini skyscrapers on the jeepney's dashboard with a little bit of space inbetween so the driver can see the road and the pedestrians crossing the street. Well, not to worry...this 8 track compilation came in an almost identical sized packaging...but it contains a great CD safely tucked inside.

8 Track, the cd, was released independently in mid 2005 and features 8 bands that have been playing regular gigs in and around Manila for the past several years. This compilation brings together the assorted musical genres of new music that's been spreading like wild fire in the different clubs and concert halls in Manila since the mid to late 90s. Use this link here to see where this limited album is available. Hopefully, each band will have their own individual 8 track cartridge soon.

Kicking off the CD is the alternative music of Dream Kitchen with a song called '16 Hours' which incidentally has an DIY video that's been nominated in MTV Pilipinas in the Favorite Indie Video category. Learn more from this site. Catch the tragic video below, starring Iman, lead singer of the band Prank Sinatra.

Next on the bill, is the infectious ska musings of Mobster Manila with a song called "Happy To Take You". Their music is heavily influenced by the two-tone bands like Madness, The English Beat, The Selecter, and The Specials. Get more info here.

The Sleepyheads are next on the tracks...playing their uber-cool lo-fi, raw, garage-punk sound with a song called "Excitement Calls" which matches your wild head bops and pogos...."Rock and Roll is Dead and we're still Alive"....They also just released their debut album...learn more here.

Next stop is a contribution from Cebu-based band, Sheila and The Insects, which just recently celebrated their 10th year anniversary in 2006. Their song "Lemerson" is a cross between post punk and alternative music. Check out more music from them

Food, Shelter & Clothing (I'm not too sure if they're Bacolod based) comes in with a synth-pop song reminiscent of 80s new wave bands like Heaven 17 or Blancmange. The band's music is actually a smorgasboard of genres which they play in their DIY albums. Their song "Okey" was actually written and recorded as early as 1992 but they revamped it for this album. Hear some heavier sounding music from them in this site.

Camote Chunks is next with a rockabilly-rock and roll tune called "Miniskirt". This band has been in the music scene since about 1995 and will be marking their 11th year as a band! Check out more songs from their site.

Second to the last song is a contribution by Mang Temi's Canteen. A great, melodic, 60s sounding, power pop tune called "Do You Know". I was trying to find any info or contact website for them, but no luck. Did I tell you yet that this is a great song? Yes it is! "I'm not Abnormal...I was born this Way". I'd love to hear more songs from this band!

Last one on the cartridge is Names Are For Tombstones which is a one person band for Nono (aka Noel Acosta). This is a actually a longer remixed version of his song "Watari's Machine". The short version/demo version was featured here a few weeks ago. Check out the
Electronica Manila:One Free download album. Aside from being a longer version, Nono added different elements on the song...which sort of sounded like having some Depeche Mode instrumentation in the background. Like I said before, you can't go wrong in using this music in a long road trip, great, catchy music. Get more info about Names Are For Tombstones here.

watch the video for Dream Kitchen's 16 Hours....

check more mtv stuff here.

Various Artists - 8 Track
(CD/2005/Independently Released/PH)


1. 16 Hours - Dream Kitchen (scroll up to see the video again!)
Happy To Take You - Mobster Manila
3. Excitement Calls - Sleepyheads
4. Lemerson - Sheila And The Insects
Okey - Food, Shelter And Clothing
6. Miniskirt - Camote Chunks
Do You Know - Mang Temi's Canteen
8. Watari's Machine - Names Are For Tombstone

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Alternative Pop Recipe from Peach Fantastic's album, "100% Natural"

As the 90's band resurgence was happening in Manila, a band based in Los Angeles was being formed. This band was called Peach Fantastic. Just like a lot of their Philippine counterparts, Peach Fantastic's music was influenced by their love for melodic pop of the 90s and late 80s new wave music. The core of the group is Joyce (Punsalan) Collantes on vocals and Benjie Collantes on drums, with original members Rose Santos on bass and Andrew Taruc on guitars completing the line up. By early 1997, they would record their original songs which were included in a compilation called LokalPinoy Vol.1 (I'm still on the lookout for a copy...so if you know someone who has an extra copy who's willing to sell it, please fire off an email to me!).

Right before the recording of their debut album, 100% Natural, their bassist and guitarist left and the band had to find replacements. By May 1999, their first (and only) album is released independently under their own label, PMI Records Ltd/Polluted Mind Independent. Unfortunately, after several live tours in California, the band called it a day and performed their farewell concert in early 2000. Email the band here and say hello and you can also check with them if they still have copies of their album!

Peach Fantastic - 100% Natural
(CD/PMI Records Ltd./1999/US)


1. 100% Natural
2. Curly Tops
3. Play For Keeps
4. Intro - jd
5. Thousand Words
Only A Friend
7. Hungry For Your Love
8. Suppression
9. Far Away
10. All People
11. Only A Dub! (hidden track)
12. Dahil Sa Iyo (hidden track)

Sunday, July 09, 2006

They are Twee as F**k with the Mutual Admiration Society compilation!!

The amazing Philippine indiepop compilation called "Mutual Admiration Society" was released in 2001 through independent label Definition Records, which was a project of Toti Dalmation and his Groove Nation cohorts (pre-Terno Recordings). Just like what a lot of indiepop labels around the world were doing under the radar of commercial music shops and radio stations, Definition also gathered some of Manila's brightest underground indiepop hopefuls, which are at par with some of the best indiepop bands/songs in compilations released from the UK, Sweden, US, Germany, etc. This has 12 Vibrant, Sunny, Twee, Dreamy, Summer P!o!p!, Jangly,and upbeat ditties (plus re-workings of three bands' songs) all compressed in one cardboard packaged CD. I actually had a hard time finding an original copy of this album and I would love to own at least two more as back-up copies, but I did manage to find one in U.S. based indiepop label/online store, Darla or Claire a few years back.

Some of the bands in this compilation are still active in making music, some have already called it a day, while some disbanded and disintegrated and eventually became new bands. With the small, but ever expanding, indiepop community at that time, some of the members of these groups are also part of other indiepop bands, zig-zagging on musical duties and performing on each other's projects. It's a great loss that the label never made a second or third compilation, I'm pretty sure that each of these bands (a lot more that are not featured in this album) still have unreleased songs in their closets which should see the light of day.

Bands like Apple Orchard, Soft Pillow Kisses and The Fantasy Lights have consistently released songs in different compilations (some even EPs/mini albums) that were out locally and in different countries, they would have full albums released soon. I believe Skies of Ember also has an album out but I haven't had time to track down a copy. Muriel (having 2/4 of Violent Playground!) would be quiet right after this compilation. Colour Contest members I think are now part of two or more different bands. I have no information at all on some of the other bands, which adds to the mystery since not too many people had the pleasure of hearing their songs in this compilation or even seeing them perform live around Metro Manila on the latter part of the 1990s. Although demo songs of the bands were (are) in circulation among fans of the music, no official releases were ever pressed and distributed. I am still hopeful that some rich schmuck, er, what I meant was, a rich patron of the underground arts would come by, invest and release all these wonderful songs and eventually dig out some of the bands' unreleased songs to properly present them to our hungry ears! It might take a long time for these songs to be released but eventually they will see the light at the end of the tunnel and when it does, it will be a brighter day for sure.

Various Artists - Mutual Admiration Society
(CD/2001/Definition Records/PH)

1. It Will Never Last Last (Forever) - Soft Pillow Kisses
2. Wide Awake - Apple Orchard
In The Meantime - Colour Contest
4. You Let Go - The Fantasy Lights
5. By Way Of Echoes - Skies Of Ember
Little Nothings - Superminty
7. Small Town - Dorian Of Juniper Bells
This Gentle Feeling - Soft Pillow Kisses
9. Me & Your Melanie - Colour Contest
10. Glitter In A Moon - The Fantasy Lights
11. What We Now Know Of Heaven - She Came To Stay
Effect - Muriel
13. You Let Go (Version) - The Fantasy Lights
14. Small Town (Instrumental) - Dorian Of Juniper Bells
15. In The Meantime (Dub) - Colour Contest

Location: Mississauga - Toronto - Manila, Philippines-Canada, Canada
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