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Intro of sorts, this blog is just a look at the past, present & future of the assorted music released by bands & artists in the Philippines & the numerous ones based outside the motherland...from Rock, Reggae, Alternative, Folk, Indiepop, Electronica, New Wave, Goth, Punk, etc. Well, some did ask me, why do I have to call it POP...'my music is this and that and it's anything but' you might say...well, click here for the reason. Anyway, turn up the volume!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A fun and juicy track from Pupil and Barbie Almalbis called "Nakakabaliw"

Hey, here's something to chew on...um, no pun intended. This is a song that promotes a commercial product, Juicy Fruit and their mixed flavoured bubblegums. The song "Nakakabaliw" was performed by Pupil and Barbie Almalbis for the gum company's Rockoustic Mania promo...I'm not sure if this is the first of many Rock/Acoustic combinations or a one time project. Great idea from the company though at least they are producing some good music as a by product of their promos.

They're even producing a limited edition CD for this promotion. I'd really love to get my hands on one of those CDs but I'm still not sure on how to get one...there's no available info yet....and I don't know how many tracks would be included in the finished product...maybe some different versions of the song? Will it be a freebie or will it be for sale in your nearest sari-sari store?...like I said the song has a catchy melody, um, nakakabaliw actually, and it's quite enjoyable to listen to.
Anyway, to see additional pictures (like the ones I picked up from the site) and get more info on Pupil (Ely Buendia, Yan Yuzon, Bogs Jugo and Dok Sergio) and Barbie Almalbis, please check out the Juicy Fruit promo site here. There's also an upcoming video, too. Well, you'll probably see it in YouTube sooner or later...very nice Sgt. Pepper's spoof. What the heck, it's still one good song, really.

Nakakabaliw - Pupil and Barbie Almalbis .

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Get High With the Music of Peacepipe

This band was formed during the early 90s but had just recently released their 12 track debut album in 2005. As per their record company press release, it states that the band's name was derived from the traditional Navajo tobacco pipe given by the Native Indians as a peace offering. Well, with this album, not only did they come bearing peace....but they also came with sunny, joyous beats, socio-political lyrics, under the guise of groovy reggae and ska-influenced songs.

This CD is a keeper and will make you think and dance at the same time! You'd definitely play all the songs in this album...from the amazing song that opens it, "Drop Your Gun" , up to the Dub Versions of the album tracks at the end, PinoyReggae at it's finest. Also, take note that this album was produced by another great PinoyReggae pioneer, Tropical Depression's Dominic "Papadom" Gamboa, who definitely sweetens the magical reggae cake for us natives so we can roll into the rhythm and feel Irie now.

The band is made up of Jerico Pilpil (vocals, guitar, harmonica), Marlon Legaspi (lead guitars), Rani Caldoza (vocals, percs), Cesar Ian Suratos (bass, vocals) and Goodwin Aguirre (drums). Check out their MySpace pages, unfortunately, a lot of American bands are also named "Peacepipe"...so just dig through it and you'd find their pages under "jahlive"...or if you're a bit lazy just click here. The CD album is widely available right now in most music stores in Manila, so make sure you grab yourself a copy or two. And on a last note, please send some love to the gentleman from Maguindanao, er, shatup!

Peacepipe - Peacepipe
(CD/Galaxy Records/GRPCD 101/2005/PH)


1. Drop Your Gun
2. Mr. Politician
3. Rain Dance
4. Kulay Ng Kalayaan
5. Boracay Sunrise
Get High With Me
7. Free Your Mind
8. April Fools
9. Ngiti
10. Why?(Do We Say Goodbye?)
Dub Your Gun
12. Dub Politricks

Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Dawn's sophomore album, "I Stand With You"

By 1988 The Dawn released their 2nd album with a heavy heart. As the band was about to unleash their sophomore output to the masses, their charismatic guitarist, Teddy Diaz, was murdered on August 21, 1988. The band would still push through and would give us some of the most amazing songs co-written with their late, great friend... from an old favourite song, The Moon, to newer club and arena anthems, "Love Will (Set Us Free), "Mga Kuya", "I'm Not Hurting Anymore" and a great rock rendition of an old Filipino folk song, "Magtanim Ay 'Di Biro". Teddy Diaz was a rock Icon for most of us who grew up in the 80s. I still remember the October Storm concert in Araneta Coliseum back in 1987...about 15,000 or so stomping, shouting fans waiting for the band to appear on stage and later on they would be awed by the scene stealing guitarist when he stood in front of the audience and stared at them like a silent mad-man and then he took out a stringbow and started playing his guitar like a violin. He is still sorely missed and next time, when you hum one of The Dawn's old songs...think of the Dawn's first great co-founder, guitarist and writer, Teddy D.!

The Dawn - I Stand With You
(LP/OctoArts International/ORI-828/1988/PH)


Side One
1. Magtanim Ay 'Di Biro
The Moon
3. Let Me Dance
4. Wish You Were Here

Side Two
5. Love (Will Set Us Free)
6. I Stand With You
7. Mga Kuya
8. I'm Not Hurting Anymore

Here's a nice find for anyone who is interested...The Dawn (Mk.III with Francis Reyes) Live performance in a jam packed Club Dredd in Timog, August 1991...singing one of the album's best songs,
Love (Will Set Us Free).
Reminisce, remember the sweat and the beer and enjoy!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Pure indiep!o!p! picks with Apple Orchard's Paris Was A Daydream

What if...you take two people...lock them in a room with a guitar, a casiotone, a bass guitar, some amps and a four track recorder...both of them itching to make lo-fi-melancholy indiepop gems...well the result might as well be early versions of Australia's The Sugargliders (both brothers!) or the UK's Field Mice or Blueboy (er, unfortunately, not brothers!) or luckily for us, we have Apple Orchard which is made up of brothers -- Ryan and Dale Marquez. They are based (sometimes) in Manila and (most of the time) in San Francisco.

Ryan actually started "Apple Orchard" in 1999, supposedly a solo project of sorts, just him toying around different instruments i.e, the casiotone and some generic drumbeats plus his guitar, he started collaborating with his brother, Dale, right before recording some songs for their first compilation in Manila in 2000.
They eventually ended up recording some songs which attracted some interest from several indiepop labels in Manila, in the US and in Italy.

In the next few years, Ryan and Dale would collaborate as Apple Orchard and at the same time play individually in different projects and various bands, with different musical styles, from Carnival Park, Sonnet LVIII, Dorian of Juniper Bells, Sodajerk, Soft Pillow Kisses, The Haircuts, Wadaiko, etc.

As Apple Orchard, the duo released "Paris was a Daydream", a cassette EP via the Italian Indiepop label, Best Kept Secret back in 2003. This tape EP has 7 tracks of pure unadultered indiepop, lo-fi bedroom-pop, tweepop, Sarah-esque music, or whatever you might feel like calling it...I'm pretty sure both of them would wear the badge with honour and would probably sing you a lullaby or two while you're at it. Anyways, get more info on the band on their website!

Apple Orchard - Paris Was A Daydream
(Cassette EP/Best Kept Secret/ LIE076/2003/ITALY)


Side A
1. (When Everything Is) Safer
2. Don't Pretend
3. Midnight Stars and Kisses
4. A Glance At Sunday

Side B
5. It Took You By Surprise
6. Scenes From The Sky
7. Autumn Kiss

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Ride on the slick music of Pedicab's Tugish Takish

The songs in this album are so damn catchy. I don't think you'll end up sitting down if you place this dics in your player...ok, if you're not the dancing type, like me, then you'd probably stomp your feet, tap your fingers on the table or start nodding your head back and forth to the beat. It's like hook laden drone music, with big beats, repetitive guitar lines and quirky lyrics that would convert even a non-fan to their musical assault on their ears.
They have a wide range of influences which you can hear in this 10 track debut album...from the post-punk riffs of Gang of Four, even Britpop Wire-influenced band, Elastica to newer so called New Wave of New Wave bands with 80s influences like The Bloc Party, Franz Ferdinand or Interpol, etc

This band was formed back in 2004 and released their debut album called "Tugish Takish" in 2005. The band is made up of --
Mappy aka Diego Mapa (lead vocals)(Monsterbot and Cambio)
Masterbeat (extra Service) aka Mike Dizon (Drums)(ex-Teeth and Sandwich)
J.Sonic aka Jason Caballa (Guitar)(ex-Twisted Halo)
Just Tony aka RA Rivera (Visuals and Multimedia)
Sugar Raims aka Raimund Marasigan (Keyboards, Synth, Backing Vox)(ex-Eraserheads, Cambio, Sandwich, Squid 9, etc.)

Find out more about the band

Pedicab - Tugish Takish
(CD/Vicor Music Corp/RCD-168/2005/PH)


1. Dizzy Boy (streaming audio)
2. Ang Kailangan
3. Dito Tayo Sa Dilim (streaming audio)
4. Bleached Streaks
5. A Stormy Night
6. Bukas
7. I Want It Now
8. Konti Na Lang
9. Giving And Receiving
10. Sagot Kita

Videos of
1. Dizzy Boy and 2. A Stormy Night

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Wake Up! Get a dose of Caffeine...and The John L.Session CDEP

If there is low-fi bedroom pop, then I can safely say that this one can be called backyard pop or living room pop at its finest. When I say backyard and living room pop...I meant it literally! For their debut CDEP, this band had a magnificent DIY moment one hot labour day in 2004 and decided to plug in and record some of their original songs in their singer's house. The band had set up and practiced on their backyard for most of the day and later on they set-up their equipment and recording gear in the living room in between beers and jokes. What some might think as a recording that's lacking in studio wizardry and effects, I can actually say that it captured the magic and spontaneous music of Caffeine. The songs from this recording spawned "The John L. Session EP" (in honour of their friend whose name is...er, John L., who did the production and mixing of the songs...a nice take on the title...ala John Peel Session...).

Caffeine is made up by Edward Luna (vocals), Malvin Magnayon (lead guitars), Emil De Leon (acoustic & rhythm guitars), Ludwig Valenzuela (drums) and Rommel Gonzales (bass). The band has been doing gigs in and around Manila and Makati since 2000 playing a good cross of new wave and guitar driven songs which leans towards their influnces -- mid-80s bands like The Ocean Blue, The Wild Swans and The Railway Children. You can say hello to the band here.

Anyway, the band produced a limited number of this 3 track CDEP and gave them away during their gigs. I hope to get a stronger dose once I hear their new songs and (hopefully) an album that they've been brewing for months. Since the band is currently in a short hiatus and its really a bit hard to find the original CDEP, here are two songs as samplers and appetizer...remember it's only here for a few days...so c'mon...go get your Caffeine fix....its good for you.

Caffeine - The John L. Session EP
(CDEP/Self Released/2004/PH)

3. My Tagalog Song

Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Dawn - Enveloped Ideas (7" and 12" singles)

You know what the most famous and much loved music format was during the decadent 80s ?? It's the mighty 12" vinyl record! Most international bands had different versions of the songs from their albums, opting to sell more units by releasing it in a 12" format. They would have Dance Mix, Long Version, Extended Version, Dub Version, Re-mix, Instrumentals, even classic Live B-Sides, Etc., Etc. Etc. I don't know any band in Manila who used this format except for The Dawn. Their first single, Enveloped Ideas, was released as a 12" record and contained different versions of their hit song.

Most singles during that time were also released as a 7" single and were given to radio stations to promote their songs. Unlike today wherein they just choose a song and they tell the radio stations to play them, before a physical 7" single was pressed and distributed making it a much sought after collectible for music enthusiasts. Here is the 7" single of Enveloped Ideas which contains an instrumental mix or "music minus one" version of the hit song.

The Dawn - Enveloped Ideas
(7" single/OctoArts International/OCTO-046-A/1987/PH)

A Side - Enveloped Ideas
B Side - Enveloped Ideas (Music Minus One Version)


The Dawn - Enveloped Ideas
(12" single/OctoArts International/ORI-EP-763/1987/PH)

A Side 1. - Enveloped Ideas (Extended Remix)
B Side 1. - Enveloped Ideas (Radio Edit)
B Side 2. - Enveloped Ideas (Dub Version)

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Waiting in Anticipation...for New Music...

I was just thinking of some upcoming or future releases and re-issues and recent albums and EPs and wondered about the music...will the songs sound great?...will the artwork be nice?...How will the inner sleeves look? Will the music be memorable?

Anticipation for new music is always good for a collector...it keeps you on your toes. At times, some of the releases are very hard to track down. Even if you live in Manila, when there's no distribution for the band's albums or EPs, you just have to ask around and sometimes go directly to the band and get a copy from them. Also, networking with other collectors works wonders, unless they're the secretive type and brags about having a copy but never helps other music aficionados acquire a copy, which in my book is a bit stupid. How can they help the artists sell more music if you don't tell other people where to get them, duh?!

Anyway, these are the ones that I came across through emails, gossip, eavesdropping on some birds chit chat or official and unofficial emails from all over...some were released last year but I never had a chance to hear or buy them...write some of the titles down and hunt with me soon...buying all of them in one go is next to impossible so anticipating on its release and getting a copy one at a time is the best way to go....

- Tribute album to Apo Hiking Society
- New Material/Music from Julie Plug
- Debut album from Soft Pillow Kisses
- "Imperial", 2nd album in the making from The Late Isabel
- Juan Pablo Dream's Debut album under Terno Recordings
- New album from punk legend, Betrayed
- the rumoured/almost confirmed Eraserheads Box Set from BMG
- Cambio's Sophomore release
- Half Man, Half Elf's debut EP
- 3rd album of Orange and Lemons
- Songs from Melody Del Mundo's music projects (Red Lily and solo stuff)
- Stella's Notch EP and upcoming album
- the new Dongabay album, Flipino
- the return of Spring Boutique or its reincarnation
- The Pencilcase EP..."We Are The Walrus and They Are The Eggman"
- 2nd and new EP from Pepsi Paloma Experiment (I really like the new song!)
- Childhood Dilemma's album
- The Rain's Debut Album
- Philippine Violators's 20th Anniversary Collection 1984-2004
- Sound's Sophomore release
- new songs from Caffeine
- BMG Phil.'s 2 in 1 Re-issues of 90s albums (Sugar Hiccup, Color It Red, Yano, Wolfgang, Sandwich, Razorback, Etc...)
- Sonnet LVIII's upcoming album
- Introvoy's debut album re-issue
- The Haircuts - Sorrow Is The Way To Love
- re-release of Prettier Than Pink's "Chop Suey" album
- Eric Gancio's "Ito Muna, Dito Muna" (never heard if this was ever released)
- Earthfishfish EP
- The Pin-Up Girls' new Sony-BMG album
- Pepe's Smith album, "Idiosyncracies"
- Locomotiv's Album, "Rock N' Roll Death Toll"
- the next NU 107 Rock Awards Freebie Live CD (or CDs)
- 1st Haymarket Recordings debut album compilation
- Dominion's "Paralyzia" album and "Hand Of Cain" EP

There should be more releases that i'm not aware of....if you think that there are some stuff that people should know about just leave some info on the comments or email me...and, um, start, saving some of your allowance now....

Monday, May 08, 2006

Newflash from somewhere...anywhere...

I just heard thru the grapevine that Sony-BMG (Phillippines) has been or will be "re-releasing" some 2 in 1 albums...namely from Sugar Hiccup (Oracle and Womb)...Color It Red (first two albums? not really sure which ones...I need to confirm this)...Yano, etc....Now this made me think of what Morrissey was singing in The Smiths' song "Paint A Vulgar Picture" --

"Re-Issue! Re-Package!
Re-Package! Re-Evaluate The Songs --
Double Pack With a Photograph,
Extra Track and a Tacky Badge..."

I'm just wondering if they're just releasing these cds because some of the bands, after a long hiatus, recently released new, "come-back" albums this year or it's just a cash grab because of the interest in band music nowadays...? who knows the real deal? Anyway, I featured Sugar Hiccup's ORACLE here a few weeks ago and mentioned that the album was already out of print, and now it's not! Yipeee...so that's great news to the people who are still on the hunt...for the people who missed out buying the CDs the first time it came out...or the people who just bought a cassette version of the album (time to let your tape rest). I just hope they make great CD covers and sleeves...with a bit of materials in it...not the cheesy, simple, bland sleeves they've been coming out with for recent cd re-issues...i.e. no info whatsoever...

I hope I see these 2 in 1 re-issues soon...er, if you don't like em, well, just put them aside in your shelf, together with Re-Issued New Albums with Extra Tracks (definitely a fan-alienating cash grab idea!!) or don't buy them at all...BUT if you're missing out on some of the old albums or missing some songs....then this is a good set to buy! more bang for your money...2 birds with one stone...how can you go wrong with that?

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Outerhope's Strangely Paired...Strangely Beautiful Bedroom P!O!P!

Just like the bedroom pop musings of The Kings of Convenience or the slow, brilliant moments of The Blue Nile or the twee girl fronted bands from the influential Sarah Records, Outerhope delivers soft, lo-fi indiepop melodies! Their self-produced, DIY album was released last year and the songs are lush, serene, beautiful and melancholy. You'd definitely want to listen to this album on a lazy, cloudy or rainy day when you need to get away from all the craziness and stress of your day...trust me it works.

Outerhope is made up of siblings, Michael and Michaela Benedicto, playing guitars and keyboards, respectively while alternating vocal duties in their songs. The last song, "Final Hour", sounded so familiar when I finally had a chance to listen to this album. It turns out that I've had this in my computer since about a year or two ago c/o A Shorcut of Mushroom's Soundclick website. One and only upbeat tune in the whole album, a collaboration with Joon (aka A Shortcut...) and Outerhope...more on him later on.

Say hello to the band and check out the their website
HERE. You can also hear their album in streaming format, but what the hell, just go buy their album, ok?
It should give you some links on where it's available.

Outerhope - Strangely Paired (CD/Self Released/2005/PH)


1. Learning to Rollerskate
2. Morning After
3. Race To The Sky
4. Boy Who Could Fly
5. Another Daybreak
6. Five Miles
7. Moving Away
8. Makisama
9. Sky High Blue
10. Nth Noon
11. Final Hour

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Isampol mo to...Dong Abay's CD

Here's an interesting release from last year...Dong Abay's SAMPOL. I thought this was only (like what the title suggested) a sampler EP, a teaser for his upcoming album but it turns out it has about 8 songs. A full album that has Dong Abay with his acoustic guitar doing socio-political folk songs.

You can never go wrong with Dong Abay's songs, he is a poet and a great lyricist and commands respect, not only from different music fans, but also from fellow musicians. You have to listen intently to his songs and for sure you will be thinking about the issues he's trying to tell you. He is half of the writing duo of Yano and Pan, and he is at ease whether he is in a band or doing solo stuff like this CD and I can say that all his work is essential no matter what critics might say. I believe that he just came out with a new album under the name "dongabay", and most of these songs on the SAMPOL CD would appear on the new album but with full band arrangements. This new group that played in his new album has 2 ex-Eraserheads/1 ex-EHeads (one from The Dawn and one from Sandwich and one more from Cambio/Fatal Posporos). So it should be an exciting new album to check out. Now if only I can find someone to buy me a copy...
Please email Dong Abay

Dong Abay - Sampol
(CD/Self Released/ 2005/PH)

1. Awit Ng Kambing
2. Kukote
3. Perpekto
4. Tuyo
5. Ay Buhay
7. Solb
8. Segundo

Questions and Questions....and, um...more Questions....here are some Answers...

Mmmmm, I received several emails regarding this blog....first of all I don't do music reviews....I don't believe in reviews and for one thing anyone can criticize somebody else's work...unless you're related to the band (i.e. family, friends, etc) your best bet is to listen to the songs...if you don't like it then toss it, if you do...well, tell your friends about it. How can someone, or anyone for that matter, put a freaking numerical number or alphabetical standing or a set of stars to a musician/artists' work? So for those who asked to have their album or ep reviewed...sorry, I can't do it -- BUT -- I can listen to it...if I like it I'll post something about it, no great expectations from both of us.....that's the simplest way to do it. And for those people who like to have someone tell them what they should be listening to or not and makes other people decide for them, then this blog is not for you, there's a whole bunch of review blogs out there...

Imagine this, if I was living in the same area as you...most probably I'll be rummaging through your record or cd collection and find a new sound...some "new", interesting, never heard music...when I say "new", it doesn't necessarily mean that it just came out a week or a month ago, but "new" in the sense that it's the first time I heard it. You'd probably do the same to my collection. So forget about old school, new school, indie or major brouhaha! doesn't work here...good music stands the test of time...so you will definitely see more or less anything that I listen to and everything that catches my attention and music that I will get to discover in the future.

For the song downloads, okey, some of the them you can actually just go to the song (just the ones in RED) and right click and do "save as", BUT due to some limitations, most of them are posted in Rapidshare...so what you have to do is
right click and OPEN in New Window...go to the bottom part of the Rapidshare page and click FREE, wait for a few seconds and it will give you a LINK that you can CLICK then you can start downloading it. Again, as I said, these are for sample purposes only and will be here for a very limited time only (it expires too!)...so please check them out and go and buy the original EPs and albums...if its deleted...go hunt for it...that's part of the fun! and email the bands and artists and say THANK YOU for the music...believe me, not too many people do.

And about doing more postings everyday? Nope, I only do this when I feel like it...I wouldn't have time to listen to great music if I'm always thinking of something to type! So drop by once in awhile...you might find something that you might like.

With regards to trading music, to be honest with you, I don't have time to do it. I know a lot of people out there who are great music collectors (Pinoymusic etc.) and the ones outside the Philippines are more fanatics for some reason, so try to find these people and trade original music with them (some are generally hoarders of CDs! so for sure they will have some multiple copies of old favourites...so there is still a chance for you to find that old album you're looking for.

By the way, I might be disposing some stuff in the next few weeks...so leave me your email address by clicking HERE if you want to receive the list that I'm compiling...its just some double copies that I have and some odds and ends...I still have to sort them, very limited copies and first come first served, ok?

And lastly, that's not me on the picture...just something great that I found in a magazine...I still believe in the power of VINYL! anyway, enjoy your visit...

Friday, May 05, 2006

Wowowow Kalabaw!....Wowowow Surfernando! Belma and Luis or American Gurl EPs

Ok, when I saw the cover art of this EP, I wondered if there was a hidden meaning to it...A Mongol Pencil, with an Eraserhead, stuck in one's nose...mmmm....maybe...who knows...well, I don't. I just like the music! Surfernando is the new project of Marcus Adoro who is an Ex-Eraserhead ....This Limited Edition EP was actually released last year as "Belma And Luis" in the Philippines and as "American Gurl" in the US...check out the different covers! The only difference, aside from the covers, is the additional live track in the US version.

The band is made up of Marcus, Popoy, Orville and Dempz....I don't know which one's which and who plays which instrument...as there's not much info available. I hope someone can enlighten me on this and email me the info. Anyway you can email the band here.

Surfernando - Belma and Luis
(CDEP/ Room Service Records / 2005 / PH)

Surfernando - American Gurl
(CDEP / Room Service Records / 2005/PH for US Distribution)


1. Wow Kalabaw
2. American Gurl
3. Drivethru
4. Long Ride
5. Batch 88
6. Am Gurl Live (in US Version Only)

Monday, May 01, 2006

The Dawn...Rising...

In 1987, The Dawn released their self titled debut album at the height of the local new wave scene in Manila transforming them from underground favourites to mainstream rock band, selling out venue after venue, from small clubs to big arenas.
The band started out as a trio in 1986 and after a personnel change and getting a singer and new bassist, they finally came out with their classic line up of Jett Pangan (Vocals), the late, great Teddy Diaz (guitars), JB Leonor (drums) and Carlos Barcells (Bass).

One of the concerts that I remember was their performance at Concert at The Park which was televised in a local TV channel. The band was just in their 1st or 2nd year yet you can see that the crowd that was watching them were a mixture of both young and old, from different backgrounds, all enjoying the original new music that they were performing.

By now the band has a long history of revolving members and a number of albums and hits through the years and 2006 actually marks the band's 20th year in the Philippine music scene, but with their debut album, they brought in a fresh air of original new music on a rather stale scene peppered with a lot of ballads and easy listening music on the radio.

The Dawn - The Dawn
(LP/OctoArts International/ORI-778/1987/PH)


Side One
1. Enveloped Ideas
2. Dreams
3. Give Me The Night
4. Living Seed

Side Two
5. Sing Me (A New Song)
6. Mad Game
7. Behind Shadows
8. Susi

Location: Mississauga - Toronto - Manila, Philippines-Canada, Canada
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  • The Songs (mp3s in RED LINKS) that have been posted here are just for sample and evaluation purposes only and will be on this site for a limited time. I am a big fan of music and of getting original copies of the artists' work -- may it be in Vinyl, CD or DIY tape or CDR demos. Through this site, I hope to promote and keep these great music alive especially for out of print EPs and albums. If the music is still available in your closest sari-sari CD store, please buy the bands' CDs, go to their gigs/concerts and promote them to your friends, classmates, co-workers, your family and to your ultra cool Lolo and Lola. Check out your neighbour's garage sale and you just might find a particular band's long lost deleted CD or LP. You can also write or email the head honchos of your peborit band's label and ask them to re-issue that out of print album. Tape any band/artists' live radio sessions and treat them as priceless treasures and most of all get in touch with the band and support them in their music projects! If you hold the copyright to one of the songs featured here and would like the file removed please let me know and it will be immediately deleted from my files.
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